About Us

The Flower Room was taken over in 2019 by myself, Alex. 

It was like a dream come true when I was handed the keys, as it’s something I have always aspired to owning and running my own florist.

I started my floristry career over 15 years ago and have met other amazing florists and had some great opportunities to visit wholesalers in Holland to see how our industry goes from seed to sale in our shops. An experience that makes my business thrive; I love sharing stories with my customers about the process, it’s fascinating.

Alongside me I have my amazing florists Debbie, Nat and Kelly. With over 40 years’ experience between us. Our job is our passion, and our little team is like a family! 

Even throughout the tough times of COVID we have been there to help and advice. We have been there wishing families happy birthday because you couldn’t see them, congratulating people on the birth of their new born, Grieving with families as they have lost someone precious, sending little pick me up’s when someone is feeling low. All of these things make us realise, it’s not just a job we aren’t just florists We are people who have an incredible privilege of being a small part of peoples lives.